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  • personal care > Facial Creams Ecco Bella - Facial Creams - night rebuilder cream for all skin types - 2 oz.

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    Animal testing is unacceptable to Ecco Bella in any form because it is cruel and provides unreliable results It is not required by law Ecco Bella tests their products on themselves and they use ingredients that have been in use for years and are considered safe Unfortunately many ingredients have been tested on animals by the manufacturers years ago Ecco Bella is unable to control the testing of ingredients ... more
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  • Personal Care > Body Lotions Ecco Bella - Body Lotions - herbal body lotion lemon verbena - 8 oz.

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    Ecco Bella's Herbal Body Lotion is a concentrated 100% water-free body treatment Ecco Bella's Herbal Body Lotion is available in four intoxicating fragrances Ecco Bella's Lemon Verbena Herbal Body Lotion is the ultimate remedy for dry skin Ecco Bella Herbal Body Lotion's rich water-free formula relieves skin of dryness irritation and flakiness hours after other lotions have worn off Ecco Bella Herbal ... more
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