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  • Personal Care > Deodorants Honeybee Gardens - Deodorants - deodorant powder 100% natural floral scent - 4 oz.

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    Here are some general rules for how long to keep cosmetic items after they have been opened for the first time Mascara Toss your mascara after 3 months Mascara has the shortest life span of all make up because the risk of transferring bacteria back and forth from your eye into the mascara tube is so great If your mascara starts to dry out before its 90 days is up throw it away Don’t add water or saliva ... more
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  • Men's Health > Mens Grooming Honeybee Gardens - Mens Grooming - deodorant powder for men - 4 oz.

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    Honeybee Gardens Talc-Free Deodorant Powder for Men Unscented fuctions as an anti-chaffing powder shaving powder food or where ever you need it powder It absorbs excess moisture and soothes skin keeping you dry and fresh Okay guys we've heard you You like their deodorant powder It works great as a shaving powder anti-chaffing powder we don't need to know where you're putting it ) foot powder and natural ... more
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