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  • Nutritional Supplements > Vascular Support Biotics Research - Vascular Support - adhs - 240 Tablets

    Item #: 114726
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    Why you may need ADHS ADHSis a comprehensive and effective adaptogenic a substance that helps the body regenerate after being fatigued or stressed) formula providing selective botanical extracts with pertinent vitamins and minerals ADHSserves to replenish nutrients depleted by the stress response thereby positively supporting adrenal function Why your Healthcare Professional recommends ADHSf rom Biotics ... more
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  • Nutritional Supplements > Vascular Support Life Extension - Vascular Support - endothelial defense with full-spectrum pomegranate - 60 Softgels

    Item #: 75761
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    In a group of aging humans with risk factors for cardiovascular events pomegranate or a placebo was ingested daily Both groups continued taking their conventional medications After twelve months carotid artery conditions measured as carotid intima-media thickness) were improved 30% in the pomegranate group while carotid artery conditions worsened by 9% in the placebo group.38 Additionally in those ... more
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  • Nutritional Supplements > Vascular Support Biotics Research - Vascular Support - vasculosirt - 300 Capsules

    Item #: 115942
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    Biotics Research VasculoSirt is a state of the art product providing comprehensive support for healthy cardiovascular function Vascular aging is characterized by progressive arterial stiffness loss of arterial elasticity and arterial compliance from a myriad of structural and functional changes in the endothelium vascular media and adventitia VasculoSirt’s revolutionary nutritional formula is designed ... more
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  • nutritional supplements > Vascular Support CTD Labs - Vascular Support - noxivol 6380 mg. - 180 Tablets

    Item #: 119929
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    Noxivol works best when taken with CTD Labs Noxipro and BCAA 3750 CTD Labs Noxivol is designed to support Muscle Fullness Vascularity and Pumps Lean Muscle Growth Strength Increases Joint and Ligament Health Increased Endurance by Reducing Lactic Acid About CTD LabsCTD Labs is a clinical testing and developing company that produces top quality dietary supplements Leading in bodybuilding weight loss ... more
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  • Nutritional Supplements > Vascular Support Biotics Research - Vascular Support - adhs - 120 Tablets

    Item #: 104897
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    Biotics Research ADHS adaptogenic formation is designed to support normal cortisol levels ADHS contains no glandular material and is appropriate for vegetarians ADHS provides nutritional support for the adrenals in a non-glandular formula consisting of herbal adaptogens and supportive vitamins and minerals It aids in supporting bodily functions when the body is under stress and in supporting normal ... more
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  • Nutritional Supplements > Circulation Support Life Extension - Circulation Support - european leg solution featuring certified diosmin 95 600 mg. - 30 Vegetarian Tablets

    Item #: 107243
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    Life Extension European Leg Solution featuring Certified Diosmin 95 supports healthy circulation and youthful appearance of the legs It is estimated that half of all women in the United States will develop unsightly veins by age 50 While dermatologists often suggest surgery to correct this age-related issue European women have enjoyed access to a natural solution for 30 years For the first time Life ... more
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  • Nutritional Supplements > Blood Sugar Support American BioSciences - Blood Sugar Support - sugar solve 24 7 banaba leaf extract - 60 Softgels

    Item #: 74094
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    American BioSciences Sugar Solve with Banaba Leaf is an herbal extract that helps to naturally promote healthy glucose levels American BioSciences Sugar Solve also assists in weight management American BioSciences Sugar Solve 24 7 is a unique dietary supplement that contains 18 percent corosolic acid the bioactive substance found in banaba leaves Banaba commonly known as Crepe Myrtle grows widely in ... more
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  • Nutritional Supplements > Heart Health Formulas EcoNugenics - Heart Health Formulas - padma basic cardiovascular & immune health support - 180 Capsules

    Item #: 107898
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    Eco Nugenics Padma Basic supports cardiovascular and immune health EcoNugenics Padma Basic provides clinically-proven cardiovascular circulatory and immune support EcoNugenics Padma Basic is based on a traditional cooling formula used to combat symptoms of heat and support healthy responses to inflammation EcoNugenics Padma Basic is a unique formula consisting of over fifteen rare and powerful herbs ... more
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  • Nutritional Supplements > Cholesterol Formulas American BioSciences - Cholesterol Formulas - cholest solve 24-7 - 120 Tablets

    Item #: 74106
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    Educated consumers that use their products with guidance for the right purposes appropriately and for the right periods of time are their best customers and get the best value for their investment American BioSciences is working with universities and research organizations around the World to bring new natural therapy options to American consumers and the doctors and retailers that support them They ... more
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  • Nutritional Supplements > Grape Seed Extract (OPC's) Natural Factors - Grape Seed Extract (OPC's) - horse chestnut with grape seed extract - 60 Capsules

    Item #: 49828
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    Natural Factors Horse Chestnut with Grape Seed Extract is a unique antioxidant combination that supports the circulatory system Escin Horse Chestnut’s active component) strengthens veins to prevent the fluid leakage out of blood vessels which can lead to swelling Grape Seed is a clinically proven free radical scavenger which prevents cellular damage in the body Together Horse Chestnut and Grape Seed ... more
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  • Women's Health > Vericose Veins & Circulation Enzymatic Therapy - Vericose Veins & Circulation - varicare - 90 Tablets

    Item #: 60592
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    Many people are concerned about the veins in their legs Varicare provides standardized herbal extracts that nutritionally support proper circulation and healthy veins in the legs Butcher's broom has a long history of use in Europe Horse chestnut escin) has been shown to decrease capillary permeability by reducing the number and size of pores which helps improve tone of vascular walls Gotu kola has ... more
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