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  • Nutritional Supplements > Hair, Skin & Nail Formulas Dr. Shen's - Hair, Skin & Nail Formulas - shou wu pill youthful hair - 200 Tablets

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    Dr Shen's Shou Wu Pill Youthful Hair is historically used for prematurely graying or thinning hair Also used for dry brittle or damaged hair and premature aging Long ago Mr He became lost in the forest where he ate only the root of a common vine Years later when he was reunited with his tribe those who found him were astonished The old man's hair had turned from white to black Today the root he ate ... more
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  • Herbs > Immune Formulas Dr. Shen's - Immune Formulas - zong gan ling 750 mg. - 90 Tablet(s)

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    Traditional Uses:Used for symptomatic relief of severe or advanced head cold or flu With symptoms such as headache sore throat nasal congestion body aches fever chills Helps With Clears Heat Drains Dampness Eliminates Cold Releases Muscles Relieves Pain Dr Shen's Zong Gan Ling Contains No Drugs No Dyes No Animal Products No Endangered Species No Preservatives History Mission of Dr Shen'sDr Shen's ... more
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