Nubian Heritage Organic

  • Personal Care > Bar Soaps Nubian Heritage - Bar Soaps - bar soap peppermint & aloe - 5 oz.

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    Nubian Heritage Peppermint Bar Soap softens purifies and refreshes with crushed almonds and baking soda Mentha Piperita also known as Peppermint is one of the earliest documented medicinal herbs cultivated by ancient Egyptians Renowned for its cooling astringent and purifying benefits on the skin Peppermint also has a stimulating aromatic effect on the mind Legend has it that Cleopatra used the gel ... more
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  • Moisturizing Body Care Sale > Body Lotions Nubian Heritage - Body Lotions - lotion hemp and haitian vetiver - 13 oz.

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    HeritageFor centuries global healers have applied hemp roots to the skin for inflammation Cultivated in China as early as 4000 BC Hemp has a long history of use for food fuel fiber medicine and skincare The oil of tranquility Vetiver native to Asia is used in tropical communities to create calming soothing remedies Neem oil forms the foundation of Ayurveda the ancient Indian practice of natural healing ... more
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