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  • herbs > menopause formulas New Chapter - menopause formulas - estrotone - 120 Softgels

    Item #: 54123
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    New Chapter Estrotone Herbal Hormonal Imbalance with Evening Primrose Schizandra Black Cohosh and Chaste Tree 120 SoftgelsNew Chapter Estrotone is a Supercritical New Chapter in Hormonal Vitality New Chapter's Estrotone formulation features Black Cohosh which major clinical trials show to be an important hormone balancing tonic Their full-spectrum Black Cohosh extract is Potency Assured to contain ... more
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  • Women's Health > Menopause Support BioMed Health - Menopause Support - femi-yin for peri & menopause symptom relief - 60 Caplets

    Item #: 73003
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    BioMed Health Femi-Yin for Peri Menopause Symptom Relief offers women a superior solution a natural time-tested herbal formula highly effective with no side effects and a safe natural alternative to hormone replacement therapy Formulated from Traditional Chinese Medicine Femi-Yin for Menopause Relief is a remarkable unique blend of eight specifically selected synergistic herbs that bring natural relief ... more
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  • Women's Health > Menopause Support Enzymatic Therapy - Menopause Support - am/pm perimenopause formula - 60 Tablets

    Item #: 84659
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    Flow becomes heavier or lighter Fatigue several days before menstruation Weight gain primarily in the abdominal area) Sore lumpy breasts Sleep disturbances Hot flashes changing thermostat) night sweats chills Irritable and moody inability to tolerate frustration Inability to concentrate confusion short term memory loss Low self esteem There are many similarities between the perimenopause period and ... more
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  • Women's Health > Menopause Support At Last Naturals - meno-herbs wild yam with red clover menopause support - 90 Tablets

    Item #: 58555
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    At Last Naturals Meno-Herbs Wild Yam with Red Clover Gluten Free Menopause Support is an all herbal proprietary formulation that contains Red Clover Dong Quai Black Cohosh Wild Yam Raspberry Chaste Tree Berry and other important herbs for women that work synergistically to help balance and support the female system This unique herbal combination provides a rich source of isoflavones and natural plant ... more
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  • Women's Health > Menopause Support Solaray - Menopause Support - female hormone blend sp-7c - 100 Capsules

    Item #: 65324
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    Historical or traditional use may or may not be supported by scientific studies)Native Americans valued the herb and used it for many conditions ranging from gynecological problems to rattlesnake bites Some 19th century American physicians used black cohosh for fever menstrual cramps arthritis and insomnia Active ConstituentsBlack cohosh contains several ingredients including triterpene glycosides ... more
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  • Herbs > Black Cohosh Source Naturals - Black Cohosh - cimi-fem menopause sublingual chocolate 40 mg. - 60 Tablets

    Item #: 68437
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    Source Naturals Cimi-Fem black cohosh sublingual tablets contain phytoestrogens and other compounds which may help reduce the frequency of hot flashes During pre-menopause excess luteinizing hormone is released from the pituitary gland in a futile attempt to raise estrogen levels The sublingual form is absorbed directly into the bloodstream via the blood vessels under the tongue and in the cheeks bypassing ... more
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  • Herbs > Black Cohosh Enzymatic Therapy - black cohosh - 60 Tablets

    Item #: 60422
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    Enzymatic Therapy Black Cohosh is a standardized herbal extract of Cimicifuga racemosa black cohosh) Black cohosh has been clinically studied for more than 40 years for its ability to reduce the symptoms of menopause Black Cohosh provides relief of menopausal symptoms including hot flashes night sweats and mood swings Black Cohosh is hormone-free Reliable reputable relief from menopausal symptoms including ... more
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  • Herbs > Chasteberry Planetary Herbals - Chasteberry - vitex extract full spectrum 500 mg. - 120 Tablets

    Item #: 52550
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    Planetary Herbals Full Spectrum Vitex Extract balances female cycles Since its introduction into the United States several years ago vitex has become an indispensable resource for herbal practitioners Modern research suggests that vitex affects the hypothalamus and pituitary glands thus influencing hormonal balance and helping to support a healthy menstrual cycle Planetary Formulas provides two dynamic ... more
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  • Herbs > Black Cohosh Nature's Way - black cohosh root 540 mg. - 180 Capsules

    Item #: 53433
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    Nature's Way Black Cohosh is harvested from the wild in the Appalachian mountains Black Cohosh is the most popular herbal supplement in Europe for women experiencing change-of-life(perimenopause) symptoms Black Cohosh provides isoflavones and other constituents that help support a woman's health during this phase of her life Black Cohosh is especially useful when used to treat the symptoms of premenstrual ... more
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  • Herbs > Chasteberry NOW Foods - Chasteberry - vitex extract chaste berry for women's health 300 mg. - 90 Vegetarian Capsules

    Item #: 53510
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    Vitex Extract is a traditional herbal remedy derived from the fruit of Vitex agnus castus a shrub which grows in temperate regions of Asia In ancient times it was a symbol of chastity hence its common name the chaste berry tree Vitex has been researched due to its reputation for supporting female hormonal levels during menopause This standardized formula contains a minimum of 0.5% Agnusides the active ... more
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  • Herbs > Wild Yam Nature's Way - wild yam root 425 mg. - 180 Vegetarian Capsules

    Item #: 53898
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    Nature's Way Wild Yam Root has been carefully screened to obtain maximum purity and high quality Wild Yam is a popular women's supplement and it was used by the Native Americans to reduce discomforts associated with labor and pregnancy Wild Yam contains a compound called diosgenin which has been used in steroidal drugs.Though it has a long history of use as a woman's herb it also has several other ... more
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  • Herbs > Red Clover Nature's Way - red clover blossoms - 100 Capsules

    Item #: 54186
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    Nature's Way uses the blossom portion with the accompanying leaves of the highest quality Red Clover certified organically grown by Trout Lake Farm Washington In Europe Red Clover is widely cultivated and used as a tonic and a salad herb Herbalists have long prized Red Clover for it's traditional use as a blood purifier and it's isoflavones that offer great medicinal potential.Plant hormones are also ... more
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  • Herbs > Chasteberry Nature's Way - Chasteberry - femaprin (vitex) - 60 Capsules

    Item #: 54905
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    Nature's Way Femaprin is the most widely used supplement for balancing a woman’s monthly cycle and for avoidance of periodic discomforts Trusted for over 40 years by European health practitioners Femaprin's unique formula combines clinically proven standardized Vitex Chaste Tree) extract with Vitamin B-6 to help alleviate the bloating breast tenderness and mood changes associated with premenstrual ... more
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  • Herbs > Black Cohosh NOW Foods - black cohosh standardized with licorice & dong quai 80 mg. - 90 Capsules

    Item #: 54981
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    Now Foods Black Cohosh with Licorice and Dong Quai contains Black Cohosh Black Cohosh Cimicifuga racmosa) is a perennial flowering plant found in the temperate regions of Eastern Asia and North America Now Foods Black Cohosh Root is traditionally used for female normal hormonal support.What is Black Cohosh and what does it do Black Cohosh Cimicifuga racemosa) is a plant indigenous to North America ... more
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  • Herbs > Black Cohosh Enzymatic Therapy - Black Cohosh - remifemin - 120 Tablets

    Item #: 60620
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    Enzymatic Therapy Remifemin is a uniquely formulated nutritional supplement derived from black cohosh Cimicifuga racemosa) root and rhizome The effectiveness of Remifemin in the management of menopausal symptoms has been established from rigorous well-controlled clinical trials as well as open clinical monitoring trials in physicians' practices studying over 1200 women in total The findings prove that ... more
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  • Herbs > Wild Yam Nature's Herbs - mexican wild yam - 100 Capsules

    Item #: 65375
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    Nature's Herbs Mexican Wild Yam is harvested from select farms and plantations in Mexico Quality mature roots reach their peak size in four to five years and are harvested at the perfect time to help preserve their potency Wild YamParts Used and Where GrownWild yam plants are found across the midwestern and eastern United States Latin America especially Mexico) and Asia Several different species exist ... more
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  • Herbs > Chasteberry Solaray - Chasteberry - guaranteed potency vitex chaste berry extract 225 mg. - 60 Capsules

    Item #: 65919
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    Solaray Guaranteed Potency Vitex Chaste Berry Extract 225 mg Solaray Vitex Chaste Berry Vitex agnus-castus) or the Chaste Tree Berry has provided an herbal treatment for female hormone imbalances for centuries Solaray Vitex Chaste Berry has been proven effective in balancing hormone levels for women suffering from PCOS Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) Solaray Vitex Chaste Berry has also been shown to help ... more
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  • Herbs > Black Cohosh Solaray - guaranteed potency black cohosh one daily - 30 Capsules

    Item #: 67540
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    Active constituentsBlack cohosh contains several ingredients including triterpene glycosides for example acetin and 27-deoxyactein) and isoflavones for example formononetin) Other constituents include aromatic acids tannins resins fatty acids starches and sugars As a woman approaches menopause the signals between the ovaries and pituitary gland diminish slowing down estrogen production and increasing ... more
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  • Herbs > Phytoestrogens Solaray - Phytoestrogens - guaranteed potency phytoestrogen one daily - 30 Capsules

    Item #: 67542
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    True Selection Solaray takes pride in offering great new products see here what we are delivering fresh to health food stores No other brand offers a wider selection of vitamins minerals herbs and specialty products than Solaray With over 900 products Solaray is the most comprehensive supplement brand in the industry Solaray has their own manufacturing facility to ensure that quality controls are ... more
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