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  • Health Foods > Plant Protein Juvo Inc. - Plant Protein - raw green protein - 16.90 oz.

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    Juvo Organic Raw Green Protein is made exclusively from 35 Kosher Certified and organic ingredients Each serving contain 23g of raw greeen protein from all 22 amino acids As an excellent vegan and vegetarian source of complete protein thi spremium blend provides more than just rpotein live plant based ingredients and whole foods add to your daily requirements of vitamins minerals enzymes antioxidants ... more
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  • Health Foods > Raw Foods Juvo Inc. - Raw Foods - raw meal - 21.20 oz.

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    Chlorophyll Animals maintain life when they eat other organisms either plants or other animals They mostly can't make nutritive substances on their own Plants can make nutrients such as glucose protein and vitamins by photosynthesis When they spread their leaves toward the sun the chlorophyll that colors them green absorbs solar energy and produces glucose from water and carbon dioxide an economic ... more
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  • Diet & Weight Loss > Meal Replacements Juvo Inc. - Meal Replacements - slim raw meal whole food - 21.20 oz.

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    JUVO Slim Raw Meal is a blend of powerful raw and organic ingredients including multiple whole grains seeds sprouts greens berries sea vegetalbes and mushrooms The synergy of 55 living and uncooked plant-based ingredients offers the dietary benefits of live vitamins minerals fibers enzymes antioxidants and phytonutrients from a wide array of premium whole foods in just one convenient serving Balanced ... more
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