Homeopathy Cell Salts Hylands Fever

  • Homeopathy > Cell Salts Hylands - cell salts #4 ferrum phosphoricum 30 x - 500 Tablets

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    Hyland's Cell Salts 4 Ferrum Phosphoricum 30X provides natural relief for fevers inflammation and colds Cell Salts 4 Ferrum Phos calms symptoms of fevers and congestion head colds Hylands Ferrum Phosphoricum also soothes the first stages of inflammation whether injury or illness like a stuffy nose) Hylands Ferrum Phos 30X relieves fevers colds congestion fatigue ear pain and sinus headaches #4 Ferrum ... more
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  • Homeopathy > Kali Muriaticum Hylands - cell salts #5 kali muriaticum 6 x - 500 Tablets

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    Hyland's Cell Salts 11 Kali Muriaticum 6X provides homeopathic relief for colds sinus issues ear congestion and slow digestion Hyland's Cell Salts 5 Kali Muriaticum 6X aids the body in the digestive process Kali Muriaticum also reduces congestion Cell Salts stimulate the body’s natural healing mechanisms to satisfy mineral deficiencies and imbalances In his biochemic theory Dr Schuessler the discoverer ... more
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