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  • Herbs > Ayurvedic Herbs Nature's Formulary - Ayurvedic Herbs - picrorrhiza - 60 Vegetarian Capsules

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    Ayurvedic Name Katukarohini Botanical Name Picrorrhiza kurroa Common English Name No common name assigned Part(s) Used Root Major Constituents Kutkin Lifestyle suggestions Individuals of dominant Kapha Doshas have slower metabolism Pitta governs metabolic activities in the body An exaggerated Pitta imbalance affects the body's metabolism The liver plays an important role in metabolizing most substances ... more
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  • Herbs > Gugulipid Nature's Formulary - Gugulipid - guggul - 60 Vegetarian Capsules

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    Are Ayurvedic herbs safe Ayurvedic herbs have been used safely in India for more than 4,000 years When used as directed and in traditional formulas doses Ayurvedic herbs have an excellent safety record Nature's Formulary follows all the cGMP Current Good Manufacturing Practices) mandated by the U.S Food and Drug Administration These norms prescribe stringent standards for quality control traceability ... more
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  • goal > reduce stress Nature's Formulary - reduce stress - chyawanprash - 1.10 lbs.

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    Nature's Formulary Chyawanprash offers anti-stress benefits It is a rejuvenative and also offers antioxidant benefits It is an herbal jam and tastes like spicy apple butter Nature's Formulary Chyawanprash pacifies Vata Pitta and Kapha doshas In Ayurveda philosophy good health can be achieved by balancing doshas present within us Vata air) Pitta fire) Kapha water) Nature's Formulary Chyawanprash plays ... more
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