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    The roots and flowers of the common kudzu Pueraria lobata) have been used historically in China for anti-alcohol support Planetary Herbals Kudzu Full Spectrum provides the roots flowers and a high potency standardized extract to deliver a full spectrum of kudzu's constituents and benefits In China Kudzu is also used to support winter health and relax tightness and spasms of the neck and shoulders.Used ... more
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  • Herbs > Kudzu Nature's Way - kudzu root 613 mg. - 50 Capsules

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    Nature's Way Kudzu Root is commoly used as part of a proactive program to overcome detrimental health habits Kudzu derives from the Chinese culture and was introduced into the United States in the late 1800s Nature's Way Kudzu Root is used for neck pain headaches and most commonly alcoholism Research also shows that Kudzu relaxes the muscles and blood vessles which leads to the lowering of cholesterol.Kudzu ... more
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