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    Reed’s passion for ginger comes from ginger’s incredible flavor and healthy properties Reed’s Ginger Products come in ginger ales beers(NA) candies and ice creams The six ginger ale beer flavors are Original Ginger Brew Extra Ginger Brew Premium Ginger Brew Raspberry Ginger Brew Cherry Ginger Brew and Spiced Apple Brew These award winning top selling beverages are found internationally in gourmet and ... more
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  • Health Foods > Ginger Reed's - crystallized chews ginger - 16 oz.

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    The process is an ancient one that hasn’t changed much through time After harvesting baby ginger the most tender kind) the root is diced and then steeped in large vats filled with simmering raw cane syrup Steeping for several days the ginger is then removed and allowed to crystallize into soft delicious nuggets Nothing else added Reed’s Crystallized Ginger is the only one they’ve found that is sweetened ... more
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  • Health Foods > Ginger Reed's - candy chews peanut butter ginger - 2 oz.

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    About GingerGinger has long been regarded as an essential remedy in the East but recently Western medicine has been embracing the health benefits of ginger too While there is not yet published research on Reed's products some traditional herbal health values associated with fresh or brewed ginger include headache relief improved digestion cardiovascular protection relief of stomach upset greater energy ... more
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