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  • Health Aids > Testing Kits Body Rescue - Testing Kits - body ph testing tape - 15 ft.

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    About Body RescueIn nature herbs foods minerals vitamins and even plain water have chemical compositions that make them either acid alkaline or neutral This fine blend of herbs is highly alkaline Acid alkaline balancing was a prevalent health concept in the earlier part of the 20th century and is enjoying a resurgence in popularity Today’s diets and lifestyles lend themselves to acidity Body Rescue ... more
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  • Water Purification & Storage > Water Purity Testers Alkazone - Water Purity Testers - accurate check ph test strips for water - 50 Strip(s)

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    Alkazone Accurate Check pH Test Strips for Water measure the pH level in your water within a range from 3.0 10.0 Alkaline WaterMost of our cells go through metabolism and these old dead cells also become waste products What happens to those non-disposed acid waste What happens to the alkaline water once it reaches the stomach which is highly acidic Why Alkaline Water Every living cell within our body ... more
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