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  • Health Aids > Massage Chairs/Cushions Thumper Massager - Flexor Pro Active Back Support with Adujustable Air Pump H602

    Item #: 117834
    The lumbar spine curvature of every individual is unique The design of the Thumper Flexor Pro incorporates an air chamber that permits matching with the patient's lordosis This is easily accomplished by adjusting air pressure in the chamber with a simple bulb in much the same way that air pressure is adjusted when utilizing a blood pressure cuff Equally important is the positioning of the air chamber ... more
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  • Health Aids > Massage Chairs/Cushions HoMedics - Portable Back Massage Cushion VC-110

    Item #: 121085
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    Homedics Story Spanning a history of nearly 25 years HoMedics Inc has grown organically through its focus on innovation in the health and wellness industry as well as expanding its market through targeted acquisitions Today HoMedics is the 1 name in health and wellness and has broadened its expertise by carrying America’s most complete line of personal health wellness and relaxation products Founded ... more
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