Eyeshadows Make-Up Eco Friendly by Honeybee Gardens

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    Eye Liner Dip a fine brush into water shake off excess and then dip the wetted brush into the color of your choice Deep colors like Passage to India work best Mix the powder and water on the back of your hand or the jar's lid to create a creamy liquid liner Apply near the lash line of either the upper or lower lid or both) Lip Color Dip your brush into a clear lip gloss and then into the PowderColors ... more
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    They take great pride in providing customers with the finest herbal products and customer service They sincerely welcome comments and opinions and are available to help with any questions So try their all-natural herbal body care products and experience nature's supremacy Honeybee Gardens MissionSince 1995 Honeybee Gardens Inc has operated under one simple concept Create pure all-natural bath and ... more
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    Here are some general rules for how long to keep cosmetic items after they have been opened for the first time Mascara Toss your mascara after 3 months Mascara has the shortest life span of all make up because the risk of transferring bacteria back and forth from your eye into the mascara tube is so great If your mascara starts to dry out before its 90 days is up throw it away Don’t add water or saliva ... more
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