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  • Gift Ideas > Exercise and Fitness Pure Fitness - Exercise and Fitness - ab crunch situp bench 8528ab

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    Jamz Pure Fitness line of workout equipment and accessories is considered a premium economy brand In other words the cost is reduced by eliminating some of the extras such as advertising and excessive product inserts etc The quality of Pure Fitness products however is still top notch same materials and manufacturing techniques as the expensive brands but without the costly frills Pure Fitness only ... more
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  • Gift Ideas > Exercise and Fitness Valeo Inc. - Exercise and Fitness - dual ab wheel

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    Valeo Dual AB Wheel allows you to roll your way into shape as you tighten and flatten your abs They rhythimic motion of the AB wheel will help strengthen your shoulders arms and back while helping you develop core muscles for the perfect six-pack Valeo Dual Ab Wheel is perfect for any individual looking to tone and strengthen there abs or oblique An Ab Wheel Exercise can be a great addition to your ... more
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  • Gift Ideas > Exercise and Fitness DFX Sports & Fitness - Exercise and Fitness - dynamax core trainer

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    DFX Sports Fitness Dynamax Core Trainer is the ultimate 5 minute workout At the top of the DFX Gyroscopic food chain is the Dynamax Core Trainer 2 Just pull the easy starter cord and hold on for the gyroscopic ride of your life Instantly you'll start experiencing body sculpting variable dynamic resistance building within the machine's internal gyroscope giving you a remarkable core and upper body ... more
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