Drinking Water Treatment

  • Gift Ideas > Water Purification Gifts Santevia - Water Purification Gifts - five stage ultrasonic filter kit

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    Santevia 5 Stage Ultrasonic Filter is stage 2 through stage 6 of the Santevia Gravity Water System This filter hangs within the Lower Tank STAGE 2 Activated Coconut Carbon Charcoal Highly porous coconut carbon charcoal with an astounding 65 acres of purifying surface area Removes chlorine herbicides pesticides pharmaceuticals industrial chemicals Trihalomethanes THMs) heavy metals organic chemicals ... more
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  • goal > build muscle Santevia - build muscle - counter top enhanced water system kit with ph control

    Item #: 108008
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    Santevia Enhanced Water System revolutionizes tap water creating pure fresh tasting water that is healthier for you and more cost effective than bottled water Using a multi-stage filtration and re-mineralization system the Santevia Water System cleans mineralizes and invigorates your water while adjusting the pH level to mildly alkaline Stage 1 Ceramic Pre-Filter Pore size is 0.3 of a micron Removes ... more
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