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  • Nutritional Supplements > Non-GMO Supplements Michael's Naturopathic Programs - Non-GMO Supplements - ultimate detox & cleanse

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    Support detoxification and cleansing of the Bloodstream and circulatory system Intestinal tract including the colon Hepatic system liver) Also Support fat metabolism for more effective elimination of toxins stored in fat tissue Are synergistically blended for optimal results An easy-to-use comprehensive detoxification and cleansing program Formula Ingredient Function Liver Wellness Choline inositol ... more
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  • goal > drink more water Michael's Naturopathic Programs - drink more water - ultimate detox, cleanse & rebuild 7 day program

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    Michael's Naturopathic Programs Ultimate Detox Cleanse Rebuild 7-Day Program True Whole Body Cleansing Kit contains Liver Wellness Blood Detoxification Factors Fiber More and Fat Metabolism Factors 7-day supply 2 packets per day) In addition 7-day supply of Super Defense Food Whole Food Multi Complex Tablets conveniently packaged for each meal 14 individual 4-Tablet Packs) Easy-to-mix super-food ... more
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