Calm Child Syrup

  • Baby & Child Health > Brain, Memory & Nervous System Support Planetary Herbals - Calm Child Herbal Syrup - 2 oz. Formerly Planetary Formulas

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    Planetary Herbals Calm Child is a great-tasting blend of the soothing botanicals chamomile lemon balm and catnip with the nourishing tonifiers hawthorn jujube gotu kola and amla These herbs are combined with other supporting herbs and nutrients to support calm focused attention in children.Children today live in a stressful world Over stimulation can affect their behavior and concentration Calm Child ... more
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  • Herbs > Childrens Formulas Planetary Herbals - Calm Child Herbal Syrup - 8 oz.

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    Helping Your Ultra-Active Child CopeTelevision chemically adulterated and sweet foods plus the stimulation of everyday life all can cause high levels of anxiety and excitement for children Their immature nervous systems are senstive to stressors and they have not yet developed the coping skills for expressing frustration or releasing pent-up emotions healthfully All this can affect their ability to ... more
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