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  • Housewares & Cleaning Aids > Cold Weather Items Verilux - Cold Weather Items - natural spectrum pagelight flat panel book light vb07wg4

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    Verilux Natural Spectrum Page Light Flat Panel Book Light evenly illuminates each page while marking your place With Verilux Natural Spectrum PageLight Flat Panel Book Light bright natural light is spread gently across the page from a flat panel screen lit by LED Natural Spectrum lights Measuring 7 x 6 Verilux Natural Spectrum PageLight Flat Panel Book Light is just the right size for a paperback ... more
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  • goal > build lean muscle Stamina Products - build lean muscle - aeropilates level three pure pilates workout with marjolein brugman dvd 05-9125d

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    Stamina Fitness Level Three Pure Pilates adds new more advanced exercises that challenge and build on your new found muscular strength joint and spine flexibility and physical coordination You will quickly see and feel the difference as you learn and practice these more advanced movements In 1920 Joseph Pilates designed a machine and a series of strengthening exercises to correct and reform his clients' ... more
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