Aromatherapy Incense Depression

  • Aromatherapy > Incense Auromere - Aromatherapy Incense Patchouli - 1 Packet

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    Incense is one of the oldest forms of Aromatherapy that uses the subtle power of fragrances to reestablish balance and harmony in the body This premium quality incense is made from fine essential oils fragrant herbs powders and resins ranging from the most heavenly floral fragrances to the down-to-earth woody and herbal scents of the Ayurvedic preparations Premium quality incense made from fine essential ... more
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  • Aromatherapy > Incense Triloka - Ayurvedic Chakra Incense Root Chakra Muladhara - 10 Stick(s)

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    Triloka Chakra Incense is handmade from all pure and natural ingredients using traditional aromatherapy and ancient healing knowledge of Indian and Chinese cultures Good Karma Triloka's supplier for Chakra Incense created and supports an Ayurvedic clinic in the town of Shivapuri located in central India For more than 20 years the clinic has given free medical treatments medications and food to villagers ... more
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