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  • Gift Ideas > Water Purification Gifts New Wave Enviro Products - Water Purification Gifts - designer shower filter silver satin finish (796515300741)

    Item #: 111684
    New Wave Enviro Products Designer Shower Filter just might be the best friend a shower ever had Chlorine is a toxic element used to disinfect your tap water It may be useful but it doesn't belong on the skin in the hair or in the lungs Exposure from showering is more harmful than drinking 8 glasses of unfiltered water each day In addition chlorine strips the skin and hair of natural oils and proteins ... more
  • Nutritional Supplements > CoQ10 Metagenics - coq10 st-100 highly absorbable coenzyme q10 100 mg. - 120 Softgels (755571910141)

    Item #: 108219
    Metagenics CoQ10 ST-100 features a stabilized all natural encapsulation of coenzyme Q10 CoQ10) manufactured specifically for stability purity and bioavailability CoQ10 is a naturally occurring substance that is essential for energy production and is of particular importance in supporting cardiovascular health CoQ10 has potent antioxidant properties and cell membrane stabilizing effects and may help ... more
  • Personal Care > Lip Balms Navitas Naturals - Lip Balms - cacao power lip balm - 0.15 oz. (858847000055)

    Item #: 113763
    Almost everyone loves the taste of chocolate but did you know your skin loves it too Enjoy the benefits of chocolate all day with Navitas Naturals Cacao Lip Balm This buttery lip moisturizer is made from the pure cold-pressed oil of the cacao bean along with a rich mixture of nature’s most skin-friendly oils The result is an aromatic and sensuous balm that leaves your lips hydrated and soft and your ... more
  • Nutritional Supplements > Hyaluronic Acid Hyalogic - Hyaluronic Acid - joint logic ha lozenge mixed berry - 60 Lozenges (858259000650)

    Item #: 126480
    What is Hyaluronic Acid Hyaluronic Acid HA) also known as hyaluronan or hyaluronate is a carbohydrate more specifically a mucopolysaccharide occurring naturally throughout the human body It can be several thousands of sugars carbohydrates) long When not bound to other molecules it binds to water giving it a stiff viscous quality similar to Jello” This viscous Gel is one of the most heavily researched ... more
  • Gift Ideas > Fragrances, Colognes and Perfumes Love & Toast - Fragrances, Colognes and Perfumes - perfume sugar grapefruit - 3.50 oz. (696166701891)

    Item #: 113118
    Dab a little bit of Love Toast's Sugar Grapefruit Perfume behind the ear and on the nape of the neck A simple dab of Love Toast's cheery Sugar Grapefruit Perfume will keep your full-on flirt on all year long Love Toast's Sugar Grapefruit Perfume has fragrance notes of Pink grapefruit Orange citrus Warm musk and Lily Love Toast Sugar Grapefruit Perfume Contains The Good Stuff Natural Alcohol Never ... more
  • Personal Care > Foot Care JR Watkins - Foot Care - naturals apothecary rejuvenating foot cream travel size peppermint - 1 oz. (818570003655)

    Item #: 124680
    Do these products contain natural or synthetic fragrance J.R Watkins Natural Home Care cleaners are fragranced with Lavender Natural lavender and rosemary oils as well as natural fragrance Lemon Natural lemon and a very small amount of synthetic fragrance Aloe Green Tea A very small amount of synthetic fragrance Do Watkins All-Purpose Cleaners disinfect There are many theories about disinfectants.Some ... more
  • sports nutrition > Post Workout Recovery ABB Performance - Post Workout Recovery - maxx recovery grape frost - 18 oz. (045529588639)

    Item #: 117530
    American Body Building Maxx Recovery Grape Frost contains protein and carbs Putting it all back together takes protein carbs and rest Protein for muscle rebuilding carbs for glycogen replenishment and enough time off to maximize results MaxxRecovery piles it on while holding back on sugar and fat That's how ABB helps you come back greater than before Premium whey protein isolates plus stacked carbs ... more
  • Health Foods > Nuts NOW Foods - pine nuts - 8 oz. (733739070166)

    Item #: 125454
    NOW Foods Certified Organic Pine Nuts are a good source of protein thiamin and magnesium and a great addition to snack foods May people are surprised to find that pine trees actually produce an edible nut that's not only tasty but high in nutritive value as well In fact Pine Nuts have been widely consumed since prehistoric times and have enjoyed extensive clunary use in many different cultures As with ... more
  • Health Foods > Raw Foods Wedderspoon Organic - Raw Foods - beechwood honey 100% raw - 17.60 oz. (094922556707)

    Item #: 82132
    Wedderspoon Organic Beechwood Honey 100% Raw Organic originates from the mountain-based forests of New Zealand's South Island The sweet aromatic sap is sourced from the beechwood trees and collected by bees Once in the hive the process begins of turning the sap into honey The apiarist extracts the Honeydew Honey from the wax at very low temperatures Depending on when it is harvested in the spring or ... more
  • Personal Care > Shampoos Beauty Without Cruelty - Shampoos - shampoo daily benefits for all hair types - 16 oz. (000056454628)

    Item #: 56263
    Beauty Without Cruelty Shampoo Daily BenefitsBWC Daily Benefits Shampoo is a gentle plant-based formula that thoroughly cleans your hair while restoring its natural balance body and shine Beauty Without Cruelty uses special botanicals with select vitamins and natural plant proteins to help fortify and nourish each hair strand Pure organic aroma-therapeutic essential oils strengthen and protect your ... more
  • Personal Care > Shea Butters Alaffia - Shea Butters - hand and body balm shea butter rose geranium - 2 oz. (187132000426)

    Item #: 120553
    Use alaffia hand and body balm shea butter rose geranium to receive the full moisturizing and protective benefits of unrefined certified fair trade shea butter and virgin coconut oil with this soothing balm Calming and restorative rose geranium essential oil brightens dull skin and lends a relaxing rosy fragrance What is Shea Butter Shea Butter is the oil from the nuts of wild Shea trees Vitellaria ... more
  • Teas & Coffee > Chai Teas Oregon Chai - Chai Teas - energia herbal chai tea - 20 Tea Bags (707082171207)

    Item #: 112681
    Oregon Chai took Oregon Chai Energia Herbal Chai Tea to new altitudes in an exhilarating herbal infusion of Yerba Maté and Guayusa two naturally caffeinated highly energizing botanicals native to South America Oregon Chai Energia Herbal Chai Tea is sure to open your eyes and focus your mind or vice versa) Chai Tea BagsWhat flavor are you in the mood for Better yet what mood are you in the mood for ... more
  • Personal Care > Anti-Aging Skin Care Derma-E - Anti-Aging Skin Care - soothing moisturizing creme with pycogenol - 2 oz. (030985004953)

    Item #: 62164
    Derma-E Pycnogenol Moisturizing Creme is paraben free and eco-friendly Only derma e™ has blended Pycnogenol™ with vitamins C E and A into a light moisturizing crème that helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and assists in rebuilding collagen fibers for improved skin texture and firmness Daily use will result in smoother healthier looking skin with the visible signs of aging diminished ... more
  • Professional Supplements > EcoNugenics EcoNugenics - pectaclear - 180 Vegetarian Capsules (892985000256)

    Item #: 109241
    Toxic heavy metals such as lead arsenic and cadmium are present in our water air and soil where they enter the food chain and increase environmental exposure Others including aluminum are commonly found in antiperspirants and other household products These metals and toxins build up in our bodies while our natural detoxification systems liver kidneys skin and lymphatic system) become overburdened PectaClear ... more
  • health foods > mints Newman's Own Organics - mints tin cinnamon cinnamon - 1.76 oz. (757645016001)

    Item #: 83122
    Definition Organic agriculture is a holistic system with the primary goal of optimizing the health and productivity of interdependent communities of soil life plants animals and people Management practices are carefully selected with an intent to restore and then maintain ecological harmony on the farm its surrounding environment and ultimately the whole planetary ecosystem Introduction The Organic ... more
  • Diet & Weight Loss > Fat Burners Stimulant-Free Health Direct - Fat Burners Stimulant-Free - reducit 364 - 56 Capsules (814599002709)

    Item #: 132737
    Health Direct REDUCit 364 reduces at least 364 calories each day and moderates the negative effects of sugar for a slimmer body Health Direct REDUCit 364 is a 3-in-1 calorie-minimizing formula that promotes significant weight loss 19.2 pounds) and a more lean and shapely body 14.6% less body fat) as part of a healthy diet and exercise program Health Direct REDUCit 364 helps reduce cravings and the ... more
  • Nutritional Supplements > Goat's Milk Protein Mt. Capra Products - Goat's Milk Protein - caprotein premium goat-milk protein vanilla flavor - 1 lb. (633924720008)

    Item #: 104243
    Mt Capra Caprotein Vanilla Flavored Premium Goat-Milk Protein is your peak performance protein source Caprotein is a premium quality goat-milk protein powder It is minimally processed by Mt Capra from goat milk collected from our own farms to preserve it’s original composition Most other milk protein powders are made from cow milk and use several harsh processing steps including heating at high temperature ... more
  • Nutritional Supplements > Immune Support Formulas Allera Health Products - Immune Support Formulas - immune extra all natural with proligna pine cone extract - 60 Vegetarian Capsules (878723000009)

    Item #: 108267
    Allera’s first product ImmunExtra is the only supplement that contains Proligna an all natural preservative-free patented botanical compound first studied in Japan and developed by scientists at the Tampa Bay Research Institute in Florida ImmunExtra comes to market after more than 15 years of rigorous research on the pinecone extract that is the basis for Proligna Extensive research indicates that ... more
  • Nutritional Supplements > Fiber ReNew Life - clear fiber - 9.50 oz. (631257158543)

    Item #: 71832
    How much dietary fiber should I consume each day 25 to 35 grams of fiber a day is recommended If you are currently eating a very low-fiber diet increase your fiber intake slowly (Increase by 5 grams at a time for a week until you reach the 25-35 grams daily.) When is the best time to take a fiber supplement Fiber supplements may be taken any time of the day either with food or on an empty stomach It ... more
  • Women's Health > Progesterone Creams NOW Foods - Progesterone Creams - progesterone cream liposomal skin cream scent free - 3 oz. (733739033383)

    Item #: 56839
    NOW Foods Natural Progesterone Liposomal Cream is a Natural Progesterone Cream from Wild Yam and balancing herbs designed for women seeking a way to gently support natural hormone levels Now Foods Natural Progesterone is scent and paraben free Now Foods Natural Progesterone has no artificial colors or fragrances Now Foods Natural Progesterone contains 20 mg of natural progesterone per pump.Scent Free ... more
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