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  • goal > snack healthier Woodstock Farms - snack healthier - pecan halves - 4.50 oz. (042563012533)

    Item #: 124389
    Woodstock Farms Organic Pecan Halves are a perfect garnish for desserts or baked goods Woodstock Farms Organice Pecan Halves are a good source of fiber and contain no sodium BPA Free non-GMO certified USDA Organic Vegan Vegetarian Non-GMOTwenty-five years ago they began selling natural and organic foods with the belief that good food came from simple ingredients farmed from sources you could trust ... more
  • Professional Supplements > Douglas Laboratories Douglas Laboratories - corvalen m ribose - 12 oz. (310539036983)

    Item #: 106834
    Douglas Laboratories CorvalenM Ribose is a natural pentose sugar that is designed for the support of cardiovascular health fatigue energy production and mitochondrial function This slightly sweet d-ribose powder is rapidly dissolved and readily absorbed into the body FunctionsCorvalen contains pure D-ribose a safe and clinically researched ingredient that supports the natural way our bodies produce ... more
  • Health Foods > Seasonings & Spices Simply Organic - Seasonings & Spices - garam masala - 3 oz. (089836180384)

    Item #: 130880
    Simply Organic Garam Masala is an all-purpose spicy warm but not hot) Indian seasoning Garam Masala is a traditional ingredient in Indian tandoori samosas kormas and dahl Indian cooks use Garam Masala primarily to flavor meat and poultry and they most often add it just before serving rather than during cooking Recipes for masalas vary according to regions as well as individual cooks who often concoct ... more
  • Nutritional Bars > Protein Bars Oskri - Protein Bars - protein bar almond and cranberry - 5 Bars (666016400540)

    Item #: 112519
    Oskri Organics Protein Bar Almond and Cranberry is a great healthy snack to eat at any point in your day Take Oskri Protein Bar on the go Oskri Organics is committed to offering the best products that are grown and prepared in a natural way without the use of chemical fertilizers insecticides and herbicides Oskri Organics products are produced using renewable wind energy By buying Oskri Organics Protein ... more
  • Vitamins & Minerals > Multiple Mineral Formulas Biotics Research - Multiple Mineral Formulas - multi-mins - 360 Tablets (055146011720)

    Item #: 115747
    Biotics Research Multi-Mins provides a balance source of mineral chelates and whole food phytochemically bound trace minerals with Betaine HCI to facilitate absorption combined with the antioxidant enzymes SOD and catalase Use wherever multi-mineral supplementation is indicated.All Bitoics Research Items are Gluten Free Currently it is believed that gluten sensitivity gluten intolerance) effects almost ... more
  • Women's Health > Menopause Support Wise Ways - Menopause Support - meno moist suppositories - 12 Pack(s) (727101500580)

    Item #: 74101
    Wise Ways Meno Moist Suppositories are ideal for relieving menopause syomtoms Wise Ways Meno Moist Suppositories helps to ease vaginal dryness soreness irritations and painful intercourse Wise Ways Meno Moist Suppositories also helps to provide normal mucus secretions Wise Ways Meno Moist Suppositories contains Cocoa Butter Olive Oil extracts of Calendula St John's Wort Marshmallow Shatavari Wild Yam ... more
  • professional supplements > thorne research Thorne Research - riboflavin 5'-phosphate 36.5 mg. - 60 Vegetarian Capsules (693749115021)

    Item #: 109476
    As with many B vitamins riboflavin must be converted to its active form riboflavin 5'-phospate R5P) in order for it to be utilized by the body Because absorption of riboflavin occurs in the upper GI tract a compromised digestive system can adversely affect the body's ability to convert riboflavin to R5P In addition certain prescription medications can interfere with the proper absorption of riboflavin ... more
  • Herbs > Curcumin Vibrant Health - maximized curcuminoids 1000 mg. - 60 Tablets (074306800268)

    Item #: 70136
    Vibrant Health Maximized Turmeric Curcuminoids is the highest potency curcuminoid product available for maximum impact and to support digestive health liver health and skin health Curcuminoids are bioactive pigments from Turmeric with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant attributes traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine to support digestive health liver health and skin health Vibrant Health Maximized ... more
  • goal > improve memory Thorne Research - improve memory - iso-phos 100 mg. - 60 Vegetarian Capsules (693749715023)

    Item #: 109385
    Dr Michael Lebowitz D.C Recommends:Phosphatidylserine Isolate has the beneficial effects of PhosSerine in a less expensive form This is the major acidic phospholipid in the human brain It is theorized that it influences the fluidity of cell membranes thus enhancing cellular metabolism and communication Oral supplementation of phosphatidylserine PS) has been shown to affect these as well as neurotransmitter ... more
  • Personal Care > Shampoos Nature's Gate - Shampoos - shampoo organics fruit blend shine-enhancing mandarin orange & patchouli - 12 oz. (078347765272)

    Item #: 66564
    Nature's Gate Shampoo Shine-Enhancing Organics Mandarin Orange Patchouli helps protect color-treated hair from fading and hinders damage caused by daily UV exposure with Nature's Gates's unique blend of Wheat Proteins and patented Sunflower Seed Extract Organic Orange Peel Extract Found in Shampoo Shine-Enhancing Organics Mandarin Orange Patchouli by Nature's Gate helps soften and smooth hair while ... more
  • goal > improve bone and joint support NOW Foods - improve bone and joint support - hyaluronic acid double strength 100 mg. - 120 Vegetarian Capsules (733739031518)

    Item #: 116228
    Now Foods Double Strength Hyaluronic Acid has twice the Hyaluronic Acid 100 mg per capsule) as in Now Foods Hyaluronic Acid Regular Strength product 50 mg per capsule) Now Foods Double Strength Hyaluronic Acid is a compound present in every tissue of the body with the highest concentrations occurring in connective tissues such as skin and cartilage Now Foods Double Strength Hyaluronic Acid is an important ... more
  • Vitamins & Minerals > Vitamin C Formulas American Health - Vitamin C Formulas - super acerola plus natural vitamin c natural berry flavor 500 mg. - 300 Chewable Wafers (076630111041)

    Item #: 55782
    American Health Super Acerola Plus contains Vitamin C which plays an important role in supporting immune function American Health Super Acerola Plus is also useful as an antioxidant as Vitamin C helps neutralize harmful free radicals in cells American Health Super Acerola Plus has a delicious natural berry flavor American Health Super Acerola Plus is suitable for vegetarians.Chewable Vitamin CDiscover ... more
  • Personal Care > Liquid Soaps A La Maison - Liquid Soaps - traditional french milled liquid soap white tea - 16.90 oz. (182741000300)

    Item #: 119574
    A La Maison Liquid Soap White Tea is traditional french milled soap for hands and body Liquid Soap White Tea is 100% vegetable based A La Maison products are all high-quality smooth French triple milled soaps professionnaly prepared with all-natural ingredients like Argan Oil or Shea Butter Benefits of A La Maison Traditional Triple Milled French process Real Soap not a Detergent 100% Vegetable Based ... more
  • Vitamins & Minerals > Multiple Vitamin & Mineral Formulas NOW Foods - Multiple Vitamin & Mineral Formulas - true balance high potency multiple - 120 Capsules (733739033802)

    Item #: 54566
    Now Foods True Balance is a multiple vitamin and mineral supplement that has been designed to provide support for the maintenance of healthy blood sugar levels already within the normal range Now Foods True Balance contains trace minerals such as Chromium and Vanadium and the herb Gymnema sylvestre which have been shown to support healthy serum glucose levels already within the normal range In addition ... more
  • Vitamins & Minerals > Vitamin Packs Metagenics - Vitamin Packs - wellness essentials men's vitality - 30 Packet(s) (755571929549)

    Item #: 115538
    Each Metagenics Men's Vitality Wellness Essentials once-daily packet provides Multifaceted health support PhytoMulti is the smart multi” with essential nutrients and a proprietary blend of 13 concentrated extracts and phytonutrients to help protect cells and maintain DNA stability—activating health potential like no other supplement Libido and healthy sexual function support Tribulus Synergy is specifically ... more
  • Personal Care > Oral Health Meltzer's - Oral Health - puremints pastilles 100% natural peppermint - 1.76 oz. (836239000012)

    Item #: 113439
    Meltzer's 100% Natural Peppermint Puremints pastilles are deliciously minty and not overly sweet Meltzer's features their custom peppermint oil grown in the fertile Pacific Northwest Meltzer's reinvents natural pastilles by combining their peppermint oil with the healthy beneficial herbs chlorella parsley and chamomile herbs renowned for natural healthy and digestive support Meltzer's Peppermint OilMeltzer's ... more
  • Personal Care > Leave-In Conditioners It's a 10 - Leave-In Conditioners - miracle leave-in hair potion plus keratin - 3.40 oz. (898571000488)

    Item #: 129246
    Use It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-in Potion Plus Keratin on wet or dry hair before styling For naturally wavy or curly styles begin with damp or wet hair and work a dime-sized amount through hair Gently style curls with fingers or with a diffuser for natural shiny beauty For dry hair or straight styles work dime size amount into hands and then lightly into hair Style with blow dryer flat iron or curling ... more
  • Homeopathy > Sinus Remedies A.Vogel - Sinus Remedies - sinus relief - 120 Tablets (364031105555)

    Item #: 59115
    Sinusitis is an inflammation of the mucous membrane coating of the sinus cavities In most cases an infection of the nasal cavity rhinitis) with swelling of the mucosa and consequent obstruction of the nose and sinuses are the initiating factors Allergic reactions of the mucous membrane accompanied by the formation of polyps frequently contribute to the development of sinusitis A humid damp and cold ... more
  • Nutritional Supplements > Eye Health Carlson Labs - Eye Health - able eyes healthy vision - 90 Softgels (088395048418)

    Item #: 118641
    Carlson Labs Able Eyes Healthy Vision 90 Softgels Carlson Labs Able Eyes Healthy Vision was formulated by Ophthalmologist Rober Abel Jr M.D Carlson Labs Able Eyes Healthy Vision provides both lutein and DHA in one easy to swallow soft gelatin capsule In addition to these important nutrients Able Eyes supplies your eyes with other vitamins minerals and nutrients that help promote and support healthy ... more
  • Professional Supplements > Pure Encapsulations Pure Encapsulations - relora - 180 Capsules (766298006840)

    Item #: 117771
    What is it Relora is a natural proprietary blend of Magnolia officinalis and Phellodendron amurense This synergistic combination of extracts helps promote positive mood and moderates occasional stress in addition to supporting satiety and healthful eating Uses for Relora Support for Carbohydrate Cravings The magnolia and phellodendron fractions help abate emotionally linked food cravings due to their ... more
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