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  • Homeopathy > Arnica Rubs Roberts Research Laboratories - Arnica Gel For The Skin - 7.5 oz. - $6.59

    Item #: 106684
    Roberts Research Laboratories Arnica Gel is a natural pain rub for bruises and muscle soreness Arnica Montana is a mountain plant found in the northwest region of the U.S It is indicated as a superb rub for muscle soreness and bruises by speeding up the body's natural healing process Arnica Gel is non-greasy and quickly absorbed by the skin Arnica montana is the primary remedy for new traumatic injuries—including ... more
  • Housewares & Cleaning Aids > Natural Insecticides EcoSmart - Organic Mosquito Fogger - 14 oz. - $6.59

    Item #: 109527
    EcoSmart Organic Insecticide Mosquito Fogger Now there is an organic insecticide that is safe to use around children and pets and won't harm the environment EcoSmart Organic Mosquito Fogger is made from a patented blend of organic plant oils It kills fast and repels mosquitoes and other nuisance flying insects for hours without any synthetic toxins or harmful residue It's safe It's effective It's smart ... more
  • Nutritional Supplements > Flax Deva Nutrition - Vegan Organic Flaxseed Oil Omega-3 - 90 Vegetarian Capsules - $6.59

    Item #: 103946
    DEVA™ Flaxseed Oil is one of the finest supplements on the market DEVA Vegan Flaxseed Oil capsules provide all the benefits of flaxseed oil without having to taste the oil itself which many find unpleasant Flax seed oil is nature's one of the most potent source of Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids The flax seed oil used in Deva Nutrition Organic Vegan Flaxseed Oil Omega-3 is organic unrefined and cold-pressed ... more
  • Nutritional Bars > Granola Bars bioAllers - Grass Pollen Allergy #706 - 1 oz. - $6.59

    Item #: 58410
    Advanced Allergy Medication for seasonal year-round and food allergies Advancing the Science of Complementary Medicine.The bioAllers® brand of natural homeopathic allergy formulas has pioneered many developments in complementary natural medicines through our industry-leading research and development Our efforts to provide advanced natural medicines are all grounded in the philosophy of using science-based ... more
  • Health Foods > Seaweed Snacks SeaSnax - Seaweed Salad Mix - 0.9 oz. - $6.49

    Item #: 112618
    SeaSnax Seaweed Salad Mix is a nutrient-packed seaweed that is vegan and gluten free Now you can make your own seaweed salad it's fun and so easy to make Watch the five seaweed varieties bloom into their colorful forms just soak 7 minutes in water and enjoy with your favorite salad dressing Ingredients Wakame Agar Suginori Tsunomata Mafunori It's Strangely Addictive SeaSnax is a nutrient-packed roasted ... more
  • Personal Care > Shea Butters One With Nature - Dead Sea Mineral Lotion with Dead Sea Salts & Shea Butter Rose Petal - 12 oz. - $6.49

    Item #: 100460
    One With Nature's Rose Petal Dead Sea Mineral Lotion is s rich lotion that applies easily to the skin absorbs quickly and leaves behind a luxurious feel on the skin One With Nature's Rose Petal Dead Sea Mineral Lotion leaves skin soft healthy and long lasting but never greasy Experience the Dead Sea difference with One With Nature's Rose Petal Dead Sea Mineral Lotion with Dead Sea Salts Shea Butter.The ... more
  • Water Purification & Storage > Large Capacity Storage Water Bottles New Wave Enviro Products - 1 Gallon Bottle - $6.49

    Item #: 76488
    Who is New Wave Enviro New Wave Enviro was established in 1994 with a focus on providing pure on-demand water at a reasonable price New Wave Enviro believed in chlorine-free living and litter-free living long before the current media and consumer trends.New Wave Enviro manufactures and distributes eco friendly products such as reusable water bottles and water filtration systems which produce high quality ... more
  • Health Foods > Soda Honest Fizz - Zero Calorie Soda Lemon Limey - 6 x 12 oz. Cans - $6.49

    Item #: 129689
    PackagingThey've introduced plastic bottles because there are many places where glass can't go To read more about how they have made some of their packaging decisions read this article PDF format) from The Washington Post Their PET bottles are fully recyclable PETE 1) Phthalates free don't leach and require less energy to produce and ship Additionally they are not made with the chemical Bisphenol A ... more
  • Nutritional Supplements > Cough Suppressants & Throat Support Herbion - Throat Syrup for Sore Throats - 5 oz. - $6.49

    Item #: 129846
    Herbion Throat Syrup 5 oz (150 mL)Herbion Throat Syrup is a natural and effective remedy which is alcohol free and a non-sedative sugar free preparation providing effective relief for all types of coughs Its rapid onset of action and palatable taste makes it a drug of choice for professionals and end consumers Optimizes your immune system Equally effective in adults children Promotes healthy bronchial ... more
  • Personal Care > Facial Cleansers Everyday Shea - Everyday Coconut Cleansing Face Wash - 12 oz. - $6.28

    Item #: 127576
    Everyday Shea Everyday Coconut Cleansing Face Wash 12 oz (354 mL)Everyday Shea Everyday Coconut Cleansing Face Wash gently thoroughly cleanses with certified fair trade coconut while maintaining skin's moisture level Rich foaming lather safely and effectively removes eye makeup impurities and environmental pollutants ans rinses clean leaving skin felling smooth and fresh Formulated for all skin ... more
  • Homeopathy > Linaments All Terrain - Recovery Rub with 5% Menthol - 3 oz. - $6.49

    Item #: 56757
    All Terrain Recovery RubAll Terrain Recovery Rub provides muscle pain relief All Terrain Recovery Rub also provides joint pain relief All Terrain Recovery Rub is designed to give you muscle and joint pain relief with an approach using natural ingredients All Terrain Recovery Rub relieves pain from sore muscles and joints including arthirtis All Terrain Recovery Rub quickly provides cool deep penetrating ... more
  • Health Foods > Stevia Kal - Pure Stevia Extract Liquid - 2 oz. - $6.48

    Item #: 50872
    Kal Pure Stevia Extract Liquid has NO calories and is alcohol free The steviosides should not adversely affect blood glucose levels in most individuals The stevia plant originally came from the rain forests of Brazil and Paraguay It is now grown in those areas as well as in Japan Korea Thailand and China It is most widely used as a non-sugar sweetener in food and drink particularly because it does ... more
  • Teas > Medicinal Teas Breezy Morning Tea - Diabetic's Choice Herb Tea 100% Pure & Natural Caffeine Free - 20 Tea Bags - $6.45

    Item #: 111392
    Breezy Morning Tea 100% Pure and Natural Caffeine Free Diabetic's Choice with Dandelion Root is an herbal beverage tea for those concerned with sugar intake An herbal tea especially popular among diabetics and others concerned with sugar intake A Sweet-tooth is hard to satisfy a bit too much is cloying a tad too little fails to please This Breezy Morning blend combines herbs spices berries and roots ... more
  • Personal Care > Conditioners Alba Botanica - Alba Hawaiian Conditioner Body Builder Mango - 12 oz. - $6.44

    Item #: 56634
    Alba Botanica Alba Hawaiian Hair Conditioner Body Builder Mango is a daily-use conditioner that provides nourishing hydrations and refreshes with the aroma of mango nectar Ordinary conditioners can weigh down your style with flattening sulfates and heavy minerals Pump up your volume with Alba Botanica Body Builder Mango Conditioner featuring botanical replenishment as light as a summer breeze Exotic ... more
  • Personal Care > Acne Care Alba Botanica - Natural ACNEdote Invisible Treatment Gel Maximum Strength - 0.5 oz. - $6.43

    Item #: 105416
    Another zit bites the dust Zap those zits with maximum strength 2% Salicylic Acid to get deep down right where zits start Alba Botanica Naturals ACNEdote Maximum Strength Invisible Treatment Gel is a powerfully natural botanically effective ultra light non-sticky gel powered with Willow Bark Extract Alba Botanica Naturals ACNEdote Maximum Strength Invisible Treatment Gel delivers reduced inflammation ... more
  • Health Aids > Neti Pots & Nasal Irrigators Xlear - NetiXlear Sinus Care Solution Refill Packets with Xyltiol - 20 Packet(s) - $6.38

    Item #: 76394
    Xlear NetiXlear Saline Nasal Wash with Xylitol provides instant relief for nasal and sinus passages NetiXlear combines the traditional nasal and sinus cleansers of sea salt and sodium bicarbonate with the amazing health benefits of all-natural xylitol Xylitol has been clinically proven to help the body's natural defense system wash away pollutants pollens irritants and other airborne contaminants while ... more
  • Personal Care > First Aid & Wound Care Nutribiotic - GSE Skin Ointment 2% with Lysine - 0.5 oz. - $6.34

    Item #: 51462
    NutriBiotic GSE Ointment relieves most minor skin irritations Promotes healthy tissue and provides protection from unwanted skin conditions NutriBiotic First Aid Skin Ointment contains lysine goldenseal echinacea olive and tea tree oils vitamins A C E and more These ingredients are used by healthcare professionals worldwide to help protect the health of the human body including its largest organ the ... more
  • Pet Care > Dental Care For Pets Dingo - Denta-Treats Teeth Whitening Chews Mini Dental Bones 15-Pack - 6 oz. - $6.29

    Item #: 109787
    Dingo Denta-Treats Teeth Whitening Chews Mini Dental Bones make doggy breath be gone Dingo Denta Treats are smooth chews that keep your pup’s breath fresh his teeth healthy and that beautiful doggy grin sparkling white all while satisfying his craving for that Dingo Delicious taste dogs love The unique Denta Treats texture is proven to help remove tartar and plaque and breath-freshening chlorophyll ... more
  • Homeopathy > Petroleum Boiron - Petroleum 30 C - 80 Pellets - $6.25

    Item #: 57645
    Boiron's Petroleum 30C is a homeopathic remedy that is used to treat chapped or crack fingertips Each tube of Boiron's Petroleum 30C contains 16 doses of 5 pellets with 80 pellets total.Boiron offers more than 800 homeopathic medicines that are approved by the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of United States HPUS) Boiron has selected about 80 of the most popular medicines to be readily available in most ... more
  • Nutritional Supplements > Colon Support, Cleansing & Laxatives Naturade - Softex Stool Softener Laxative - 60 Tablets - $6.24

    Item #: 50412
    Naturade Softex Stool Softener Laxative relieves occasional constipation Everyone has experienced times of bloating and discomfort due to occasional constipation A splurge in your diet less activity or even stress can needlessly tax our digestive tract Get your rhythms back on track with Softex Stool Softener You can expect a bowel movement with in 12-72 hours of your initial dose.Relief of Bloating ... more
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