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More About Olympian Labs

At OL, we know that our outstanding growth is a direct result of our passion for researching and developing outstanding natural health products. When we say we live and work by our mission statement, "Nothing less than perfection," we actually mean it. This is our promise to you.

For years now, OL has made a permanent mark on the heart of the natural health industry for their staunch commitment to quality, their award winning clinical approach to research and development, and for bringing distinctive specialty formulations to health conscious consumers around the globe.

OL has successfully entered the professional arena with the introduction of their Naturopathic formulations. These formulations will only be available to licensed practitioners including MD's, ND's, DO's, NP's and chiropractic physicians through the OL Medical Division.

Today, OL is under the ownership of Besins Healthcare, a global pharmaceutical company based out of Brussels, Belgium. Besins Healthcare's pharmaceutical products are distributed in over 90 countries and they continue to expand their territories and grow as a company. Besin Healthcare's vision is to take OL's quality nutraceutical products to the world market.

Now a proud member of the Besins Healthcare nutraceutical division, OL ensures that pharmaceutical standards are applied to nutraceutical products. Following Besins Healthcare's focus of "Innovating for Well-Being", OL continues to be a pioneer in developing breakthrough health supplements.