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 Grow your baby. Grow your self.
Inside your physical body, today, right now, you carry the future. Pregnancy is a progressive adventure. A time of profound inner and outer growth. It is a time to deepen your experience of who you are and how you are intricately connected to every other living being on earth. Birthing Mama is designed to be your companion during this transformational time, offering you six gems each week to support you in deeply nourishing yourself and your growing babe.

Corinne Andrews is the founder and head author of Birthing Mama. As a senior Embodyoga™ teacher and the Co-founder of Birthing Mama Yoga, she has been teaching yoga to people of all ages and abilities since 2003. In addition to classes, Corinne teaches private yoga sessions for health and healing at Atkinson Family Practice. She is the mother of two children who are her greatest spiritual teachers and the focus of her life when she is not practicing or teaching yoga.

Corinne Andrews writes:
"As a child, I always knew that I wanted to be of service. I knew that I was here on this earth to "help" people and in elementary school I told my friends that I was like a computer and they each had their own disk that they could put in and it would store, hold and support their feelings and secrets.

During high school I became interested in alternative and higher states of consciousness and in college met the path of yoga. At the age of 19, I began to let go of usual teenage distractions to dive deeper into yoga and holistic health. My life had been permanently changed. The teachings and practices of yoga and other spiritual paths have been deeply healing and transformational, and I am grateful for the opportunity to share the teachings that I have received. I am honored to witness and support my students as they move within their bodies, exploring the many dimensions of physical being.

In my yoga classes and private sessions you will find a devotional, safe and loving environment in which to travel deeply into yourself, exploring the vastness of the inner self and the many layers and systems of your body. Moving with prana and breath as our guide, we explore flowing sequences as well as slow, deep holding of postures. We find the breath, and meditation in their many expressions. Experience a practice of deeply feeling and looking within - through reverence and curiosity. All levels, ages and abilities are welcome and modifications are always available.

The experience of pregnancy, birthing at home with midwives and raising children have been incredible teachers for me, and it is out of love and learning that I offer prenatal yoga, parent and baby yoga and little kids yoga. My children are truly my greatest spiritual teachers.

When not practicing or teaching yoga I can be found in the garden growing beautiful organic veggies and herbs, making herbal tinctures, healthy meals and snacks in the kitchen, caring for & spending time with my family, walking my dog in the woods, cleaning (yes - I love a clean and sparse home), bonding with women friends, practicing yoga nidra or meditation, journaling, enjoying music and movement, reading and creating & manifesting various visions! And trying to make more time to both dance and meditate!

The first Yoga Teacher Training that I took in 2001, had "Teach to Learn" as its motto. There is much truth and humility within this statement - as it is through sharing and teaching these incredible practices, that a whole other depth of discovery takes place for me!"