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More About Zarbee's

Dr. Zak Zarbock is Founder of Zarbee’s, a Pediatrician, Husband to Tiffany, and Dad to Dallin, Braxton, Dawson, and Brody. As a pediatrician and founder of Zarbee’s, Dr. Zak Zarbock is thrilled that parents are learning more about safe and natural cough remedies for their families and that they’ve chosen Zarbee’s as the answer for bringing comfort into their homes during rough moments. In 2007, when the U.S. Food & Drug Administration ruled that children’s cough syrups were unsafe for kids under the age of four, Dr. Zarbock experienced first-hand the frustration that many of his patients also expressed. As a father of four boys, Dr. Zarbock and his wife would do anything to make their children feel better in their time of need, but at the time, they struggled with the available options. This frustration over not being able to offer relief to his boys and his young patients (and parents) turned into passion to find an answer.

Dr. Zarbock discovered a compelling clinical trial showing that dark honey was effective at calming coughs and sore throats in children and young adults. With the help of his test subjects (aka their four sons), Dr. Zarbock was able to create a great tasting, all-natural, vitamin-enhanced, safe, and very effective product, Zarbee’s All Natural Cough Syrup, specifically designed to keep mothers from going insane! As Zarbee's moves forward, they will continue to work on offering the best natural drug-free cough remedies available. Their goal is to get your family back to school and work, outside to play, and to activities as fast as possible.