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Veria was born in India as the vision of Subhash Chandra, one of the country's leading entrepreneurs. Having done well, he made the choice to do good - to create a company that would help people live healthier, more vital lives, based on the 5,000 year-old wellness principles of Ayurveda. As the sister company to Veria Living - the premiere 24/7 wellness TV network - Veria now makes it possible to surround yourself with a lifestyle of wellness.

Our quest is for balance. By marrying ancient Ayurvedic wisdom with cutting-edge science, Veria creates personal care products and herbal supplements designed to promote wellness from within. And we are committed to doing it in the most natural, sustainable ways possible, to preserve balance within the environment, our communities, and ourselves.

At Veria, whatever we do is guided by a simply profound principle: More of the good, less of the bad. We make products that do good and work better. We choose premium ingredients over harsh chemicals, conscious packaging instead of waste, the right regimen, not the biggest. It’s balance. It’s Ayurveda. And best of all, it works. Beautifully.