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More About ButtnaKid

What does Butt Naked mean to ButtnaKid?
BNB certified organics and BNK naturals are free from toxic chemicals, pesticide residues, parabens, phthalates, sulphates, PEG's, artificial colorings, synthetic fragrances, common allergens and harsh preservatives.

Still, they go even further. They load their products up with tons of the "good stuff"! Anything that comes in contact with our skin is absorbed quickly and distributed throughout our entire bodies. Plant based oils combined with specialized extracts are powerful antioxidants which provide healthy nutrients that will be absorbed with each use of their products, achieving nothing less than BUTTNAKIDBABY healthy skin!

As a manufacturer, they approve only safe, effective, non-toxic formulas and use all recyclable containers. They choose to be part of the solution.

As a company, they thrive on being creative, innovative, unconventional and fun! They tackle every challenge with a "bring it on" attitude. They believe passion + true love in what you do = success. It's that simple.

As a brand, they are committed to developing the very best products that meet the highest global requirements while exceeding the high quality standards of today's health conscious families.

It is their greatest honor knowing parents everywhere have fallen in love with BNB's sensitive skin products using them on their newborns, themselves and their entire families with trust and confidence. "Baby your baby" is their core belief, and they know that their loyal customers are doing just that!