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More About Martha Stewart Essentials

Introducing Martha Stewart™ Essentials, a complete new line of whole-food- based supplements created specially for women. Made in consultation with the nutritional science experts, these supplements are crafted with the finest ingredients and guided by Martha’s concept of whole, healthy living at every age. Each Martha Stewart™ Essentials formula addresses a specific need affecting women.

“I’ve taken supplements for years and really understand their benefits, so I was eager to help create something that could become an affordable part of women’s everyday health routine. We partnered with the wonderful company Inergetics, a leading developer of nutritional supplements. Working closely with their experts, we developed six formulas guided by science and holistic medicine, and using natural, whole-food ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, and herbs. The formulas focus on specific needs (Graceful Aging, Digestive Health, Bone Support, Menopause Support, and Hair, Skin & Nails) as well as supporting overall health and wellness (Women’s Multivitamin). I’m thrilled that Martha Stewart™ Essentials is finally a reality!” – Martha Stewart