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We keep it basic. We keep it real. Clean. Simple. Natural. We could keep going but we're guessing you get the point. Whether we're crafting a candle or making the soap for your morning shower, we choose our ingredients carefully, and for lots of different reasons. We care about the impact our products have, not only on you, but in your home. We care about what can and can't be reused, and what ends up in the trash. We also really care about where our ingredients come from. Top priority is that they come from THIS country. Just a smidge under that priority is that our ingredients be as local as possible, or at the very least, that we spend our money as close to home as possible.

Something else we're pretty fussy about is HOW we make our products. We guarantee, without a shadow of a doubt, that every product we produce is crafted with real, human hands. Fact. The most sophisticated pieces of equipment we use are mixers and stick blenders. Everything we do, we do in small batches so that nothing gets 'out of hand'.