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Greg, a vegetarian guru for over 25 years, travels far and wide to discover pure natural gems for his herbalists to transform into 7th Heaven Tonics.

Ancient glaciers have remote mountains that run into glistening pools of mineral rich Glacial clay! While exploring Morocco Greg discovered just how nutritious and deep cleansing volcanic clay can be... a heavenly mud for celestial skin. It was in the Atlas Mountains Greg found million year old Rhassoul clay. Enriched with mineral goodness.

In Africa, Greg stopped by the upside down tree. The deep moisturizing Baobab oil it oozes will enlighten your skin as if by a miracle! At a Thai beach spa Greg found a rejuvenating creamy soft White Thai Mud bursting with heavenly goodness. Ever seen goats climb trees? Neither had Greg until he saw how far the goats in Morocco will go to eat Argan tree seeds!