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About The Alogonquin Tea Co.
The Algonquin Tea Company is a collective of dedicated Earth lovers who had a vision of sharing the healing medicine of plants from the Algonquin area. In 1996 when we started, we sold over one hundred of the region’s herbs, seeds and three tea blends – which we put into tea bags. Lucid Dream, Homestead Blend, Sweetfern Tonic were instantly recognized in the market place, from the boxes and their wild taste, as a New type of product. Herbs exclusively from the Algonquin  land where we live, reverently hand picked and naturally dried. The first bioregional company in North America, we were a decade ahead of the “Local Food” movement. With the tea’s great success, we were soon too busy to offer all the herbal products and seeds, and focused on the sustainable harvest of herbs for the teas. A couple of years later,  we brought out three more varieties: Awakening, Peace, and Sacred Blend. At this point we had gained control over all aspects of production, because of our disapproval of the regular commercial processes. We made a custom grinder that cut the herbs instead of hammering them to bits. We bought a 5000 pound  tea bagging machine circa 1940, from the in the Bronx New York. Kim, Steven and Jack, as well as countless other decicated Earth lovers (in the form of seasonal workers and enthusiastic sales rep’s) helped us get through the next five years. Eventually, there came a time where we were too big to do it all ourselves, but we have found other great people and Earth lovers to contract as growers, harvesters and processors. To date, we’ve sold millions of cups of tea and educated hundreds of apprentices and workshop participants in the ways of living with the Earth. We invite you to join us in our love of the Earth as you relax with a cup of tea, knowing not only that the tea is good for you, but that the Earth gives you Her blessings.

Algonquin Tea crops and teas are organically certified (Pro-cert).
We have growing and harvesting areas in Whitney, located at the east gate of Algonquin Park on the Madawaska River, where we  practice Permaculture Forest gardening, and in Golden Lake on a 200-acre homestead where we are growing certified organic herbs, as well as many other locations. All of our herbs are wildcrafted (handpicked in the wild) in a sustainable manner (picking amounts that a deer would graze). Those herbs which are more rare are grown organically using non-mechanical, ecologically integrated and permacultural methods. No fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides or herbicides are used in or anywhere near where the herbs are grown or picked for the Algonquin Tea Co.

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