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More About Hodgson Mill

Hodgson Mill has grown from a local business into a national leader in whole grain products with more than 90 employees, but owners Bob and Cathy Goldstein are still committed to maintaining the close-knit, family business values that made the company a success.  Bob and Cathy came by milling naturally. Bob was raised on a local farm in Effingham, Illinois, where the company headquarters and production facilities are located, and his wife Cathy’s family has been milling grains for five generations.

Cathy attended the University of Illinois to study Agricultural Economics, but put her professional career on hold after the couple was married and started a family. Today Cathy and Bob are the proud parents of six children, and the family is an active member of the local community.

Bob’s journey into the world of grain milling led him to become deeply engaged in the nuts and bolts of Hodgson Mill’s manufacturing and milling operations. His hands-on expertise and insights have been honed by his trips to Switzerland and England to learn from millers with hundreds of years of tradition and experience behind them, and has also journeyed through Italy learning pasta manufacturing in the country where pasta was perfected.