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More About It's a 10

When Carolyn Plummer and Scott Scharg decided to create their own custom salon hair care line, it was a decision to change hair care for the better. After over 20 years of using, touching, and applying products in a salon environment, Carolyn knew there was something missing. She had yet to find a single hair care line that could deliver everything and often had to piece together her own solutions from numerous products. Scott, who had been involved equally as long with many of the world’s most popular hair care brands agreed, and the quest for It’s a 10 began.

The pair shared the belief that an excellent multipurpose product that delivered salon-quality results was the answer. It wasn’t, however, quite that simple. It actually took years of reformulation, testing, and trial and error before Carolyn and Scott could say “this line is perfect – It’s a 10.” Today, their hands-on approach and personal dedication brings the power, flexibility, and simplicity of the It’s a 10 line into fine salons around the world.