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More About Soapbox Soaps

Our original team at Soapbox Soaps started off not being able to be all the places we wanted to be. We were individuals with strong voices but still limited in numbers. That was until Ian Powell, our Central Coordinator at Soapbox Soaps, came up with our Brand Ambassadors program. Powell, working with college campuses nationwide, sent out applications to students interested in representing and embodying all the qualities that we stand for at Soapbox Soaps. These qualities are goodwill, determination, and dedication. With these qualities in hand, our brand ambassadors will start their own movements in their specific locales. They will talk to past, current, and future consumers in order to spread our message of improving the global healthy crisis as well as providing a luxury item. Their goal will be to educate, to listen, and to develop. And they will do this in their personal free time with no other rewards besides the fact that they are doing good. They will be Soapbox Soaps champions when we cannot physically be there ourselves.