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More About Bio-K Plus

Our story is a genuine account of patience, innovation, and passion. It began in 1983 when Mr. Claude Chevalier, president of the Dairy Bureau of Canada, met Dr. François-Marie Luquet, a renowned French microbiologist, during a Dairy Conference in Copenhagen. Dr Luquet, formerly employed by the Pasteur Institute, had succeeded in isolating a bacterial strain of human origin as early as 1960: a very particular lactic culture from an acidophilus base with remarkable therapeutic properties. Mr. Chevalier, for his part, had acquired over twenty years experience in marketing and business management at the national level. It was only ten years later, in 1993, in Paris, in the course of a meeting between Dr. Luquet and Mr. Chevalier that the plan to create a healthy, nutritious and therapeutic probiotic, from a culture of L. acidophilus and L. casei maintained alive and active in a food substrate, was born. Their dream was to unite the resources of pharmaceutical science with the ideals of the health food industry. A Montreal-based research team developed, tested, and fine-tuned the product in conjunction with research laboratories in St-Hyacinthe and at Université Laval in Quebec. The combination of the L. casei LCB80R and the L. acidophilus CL1285 strains is the basis of the Bio-K+ CL1285 formula. This unique composition received the approval of France’s Pasteur Institute and Quebec’s Armand-Frappier Institute. The formula was clinically tested, and in 1996 the Bio-K+ CL1285 line of probiotics was launched.