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More About Windmill Health Products

Windmill vitamins are manufactured solely in the United States of America with uncompromised quality in Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and Therapeutic Goods Association/Australia (TGA) certified facilities to ensure that consumers receive safe, pure vitamins every time. Every vitamin contains only FDA-approved vitamins and minerals which are also sourced under the strictest quality assurance and control standards Manufactured in the finest facilities, raw material suppliers are individually approved and certified. Each ingredient is quality-tested for compliance with FDA approved monographs to ensure that they meet or exceed all criteria for purity and organoleptic qualities. At each step in the manufacturing process, quality control and assurance professionals ensure that all specifications are met and finished products are subjected to additional testing in laboratories employing the latest equipment before, during and after the manufacturing process to verify potency, purity and stability. Pharmacists can recommend Windmill vitamins to their clients with the confidence and assurance backed by over 40 years of quality.