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More About Natural Path Silver Wings

Natural Path/Silver Wings colloidal silver is a pure atomic silver consisting of 47 electrons and protons.  It is important for the silver particles to be extremely small.  Our silver particles will range from -10 nanometer (0.001 to 0.01 microns) in diameter, and are suspended in de-ionized "medical grade" water.  NP/SW colloidal silver is proprietary formula, and the mean particle size is guaranteed to be 2 nanometers (0.002 microns).

The color tinge of Mild Silver Protein (MSP) is an optical effect resulting from the quantity of atoms per micro cluster.  As a rule, the higher the concentration of colloidal silver, the darker the color of the solution - a dark yellow or brownish amber color being the highest quality.

According to the scientific literature, there are no know allergic reactions from the use of properly prepared colloidal silver.  Additionally, there has never been a recorded case of drug interaction with any other medicine or herb.  It is non-addicting, the body does not build up a tolerance to it and studies show that NP/SW "pharmaceutical grade" colloidal silver is safe to use for immune support, when following the directions on the bottle.  NP/SW follows the strict GMP Guideline regulated by the FDA.