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Muscle Gauge Nutrition was founded in 2009 by Osagie Osunde and Robert Reed, and was bolstered by the addition of Christine Hronec in 2010. They brought their combined experience to form a company that would bring a new wave of life into a copycat saturated industry. The Muscle Gauge Nutrition brand was launched to satisfy the demands of an ever changing economical climate and the vigorous demands of a newly regulated industry. Muscle Gauge Nutrition is a privately owned LLC. MGN operates under two unique business models. Not only do we retail our Muscle Gauge brand, but we offer our clients the ability to create custom formulations, private label one of our expertly designed formulas, or become a distributor of the Muscle Gauge Product line. With state of the art production facilities located outside of Philadelphia, occupying over 20,000 square feet of operating space, MGN is one of the most cutting edge and fastest growing companies worldwide.