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More About Native Visions

Native Visions Decals have been guided by Phil Lane Sr. of Four Worlds Institute. Their essential message is "The hurt of one, is the hurt of all and the honor of one, is the honor of all." We are happy that royalties from Native Visions Decals will support their work. DESIGNS FOR THESE DECALS WERE CREATED BY ARTIST Carolee Carpenter Jandreau.

Four Worlds International Institute is a non-profit Native American organization. It was created in 1982 out of the intense deliberations and prayers of a gathering of 40 native elders and community leaders. Its goal is to support individuals, families, organizations, communities and nations in building a healthy and sustainable future. The primary focus on Four Worlds International Institute at this time is the "Reunion of the Condor and Eagle", the joining together of indigenous tribes and nations of South, Central and North America and the Caribbean into a comprehensive trade and social developement network.