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About Amazon Therapeutic Labs
They believe that empirical wisdom and modern science can combine important resources for a long term vision of biological health. They are adamant in support of indigenous land rights and intellectual property. Their trademarks and proprietary formulations are registered on behalf of indigenous societies in the Amazon Basin and Andes Mountains. A portion of each sale is designated to help protect natural heritage through conservation projects.

Some US-based pharmaceutical companies continue to lobby against traditional medicines while at the same time multinational companies comb the jungles and bio-prospect from raw material found within native lands, attempting to patent the very chemicals which are found within the traditional herbs themselves. Often, once a new drug is identified, some laboratories immediately seek ways to synthesize the drug in their laboratories, departing from natural medicine altogether. Once synthesized, the natural botanical is rendered into a synthetic substance which can them be patented and claimed. Sole rights over the distribution of the drug, and even the proprietary rights of use as a treatment for particular ailments, have been transferred from wild botanicals of world heritage origins, to a wholly-owned drug placed in the hands of a single company. Countries such as Brazil, Peru and India are now leading the charge to help protect their indigenous intellectual property rights. Amazon Bio-Therapeutic Laboratories participates in South American congressional meetings to help find equitable solutions to this growing dilemma.