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Lucky Duck Organics
After their first daughter, Taylee, was born, my wife and I started looking for healthy snacks for kids at their local supermarket. they were surprised to find a significant dearth of wholesome, nutritious options on supermarket shelves. Every store they visited featured the same products made by huge corporations, most of which contained fillers, preservatives, artificial flavors, tons of sugar, and chemicals. This wasn’t what they wanted to feed their child and they reasoned that many other parents did not want to either. It was a problem they would face again when their second daughter, Ella, was born.
It was then that they realized that if they wanted to give their children the best snacks, they were going to have to create them themselves.
Having always preferred organic products or simply those grown locally, they set out to create a healthy and nutritious line of snacks that they could feel good about giving to their kids. In July of 2009, after a lot of brainstorming, research, and package design, they finally manufactured their first pre-production run of snacks and shipped samples to family, friends and a select group of bloggers. The feedback they received was so positive, they knew they couldn’t keep everyone else in the dark about their delicious line of snacks! They immediately began shipping their product to a select group of independent retailers in the New England area. That was just the beginning.