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More About Keeki Pure & Simple

Keeki Pure & Simple is the creation of Natalie Bauss. Mom of two. Organic believer. Beauty boss. Marketing maven. Entrepreneur extraordinaire.

Natalie breathes the lifestyle of Keeki Pure and Simple and everyday lives by the mantra “love yourself, love your planet.” Currently living on an organic farm in West Michigan, Bauss is a California native with 20 years experience as an aesthetician with a background in sales and marketing.

On a quest to simply make wholesome products for her friends and family, Natalie started checking out reference works from the library and conducted exhaustive research. "I started out creating recipes in my kitchen from things we'd grown on the farm, just experimenting," she says. Natalie started off by handcrafting her own moisturizers, lip balms and more. Interest in the products peaked within her inner circle, and a business idea was launched.

Keeki Pure and Simple was born out of a mission to create a line of beauty products that were safe, but not boring. Thoughtfully planned out products using only the best ingredients from the earth. Fun and fabulous packaging...with the good stuff inside! What started as a kitchen experiment, has grown into an international brand in just two short years! Now, the Keeki Team provides safe products for girls and women all over the world."