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More About AlternaVites

AlternaVites is a comprehensive multivitamin & mineral in crystal form that melts quickly in your mouth but leaves a lasting impression on your body.  alternaVites is the alternative to pills — it’s the "non pill" vitamin option for the essential nutrition we want and need.

What’s more? In designing alternaVites™, it became clear to us that it’s a product that is great for everybody, not just those of us who have difficulty swallowing pills. That’s because alternaVites™ is convenient, tastes delicious, is portable, and is a high potency formula that helps to support overall well-being.

We believe with alternaVites™, we have found the modern solution to the age old problem of swallowing vitamins.

alternaVites™ is the first step in our goal to make vitamin and nutritional supplements more accessible for everyone. Now you can keep the vitamins but lose the pills.